IRS Tax Forms

Looking for a federal tax form? Below are links to some of the most common downloadable form and schedules — along with descriptions and instructions — directly from the IRS.

Federal Income Tax Return Forms

Form 1040-EZ

Form 1040-EZ is an income tax return for single or joint filers with no dependents. You generally may use this form if you are under 65, you earned less than $100,000, and don't plan to itemize deductions. Form 1040-EZ

Form 1040A

You generally may use Form 1040A if you earn less than $100,000, are not self employed, and don't need to itemize deductions. You can, however, make some adjustments to income not available on the 1040-EZ, such as taking child tax credits and deducting student loan interest. Form 1040A

Form 1040

You should use Form 1040 if you don't qualify to use Form 1040-EZ or 1040A. Form 1040

Common Federal Income Tax Return Schedules

Schedule A

For itemizing deductions including: mortgage interest, property taxes, medical / dental expenses, and charitable contributions. Schedule A

Schedule B

For reporting taxable interest or ordinary dividends over $1,500, or income from a seller-financed mortgage. Schedule B

Schedule C

For reporting profit or loss, and any deductible expenses, from a business you own. Schedule C

Schedule D

For reporting capital gains and losses from stock sales or other transactions. Schedule D

Schedule SE

For calculating self-employment tax. Schedule SE