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Tax Tips for Ohio Snowbirds

Ohio is a wonderful place to live, but Ohio winters can be a little tough to take. That’s why over 50,000 Ohioans spend more than a month each year in Florida—and many spend much longer. In fact, more snowbirds come from Ohio than any other state… Read More

Tax Benefits of Conservation Easements: Preserving Land and Wealth

Land is a finite resource. With every passing year, it seems, more and more commercial buildings and residential developments spring up in what was formerly green space. While many people lament these changes, it is difficult to blame landowners for… Read More

Retirement Plan Spousal Beneficiary Changes Under SECURE 2.0

The federal Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act was passed in 2019 to increase access to tax-advantaged retirement accounts, and to help ensure that aging Americans didn’t outlive their retirement savings. The Consoli… Read More

Organization and Preparation Of Business Taxes and Filing Services

For many business owners and organization leaders, tax preparation and filing is a necessary, but often dreaded, chore. Depending on the complexity of tax issues, filing and preparation can even distract from the operation of the business or organiza… Read More

Do Nonprofits Pay Taxes in Ohio?

Unlike businesses, nonprofit organizations are entities that exist for a reason other than making a profit for their owners. Instead, nonprofit organizations are created to provide a benefit to the community, the general public, or a specific group o… Read More

Do I Have to File Taxes if I Don’t Owe?

If you’re like most people, you would probably prefer almost any activity to sitting down and preparing a tax return. Of course, if you expect to owe, you know you need to file taxes. And if you’re expecting a refund, the only way to get it is to… Read More

Student Loan Forgiveness Tax Guidelines

There was much buzz and excitement about the Biden administration’s loan forgiveness program from some quarters, and concern from others, when the program was first announced. Legal challenges have halted student loan forgiveness in its tracks, eve… Read More

2023 Tax Deadlines for Filing 2022 Taxes

If you are a calendar-year tax filer, as most people are, you already know that your personal income tax return for tax year 2022 is (usually) due on April 15, 2023. But there are many other tax deadlines of which you may need to be aware, depending… Read More

Failure to File a Tax Return

For many people, preparing and filing tax returns is a dreaded chore—especially if there’s a tax bill at the end of it. We may fantasize about chucking all of our receipts and forms in the wastepaper basket, and just forgetting the whole thing. W… Read More

Mid-Year Business Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning is a critical part of maintaining the financial health of a business. By taking advantage of available business tax write-offs, you can minimize your company’s tax burden and potentially save thousands of dollars. Most small business o… Read More