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Environmental Tax Credits for Businesses

More and more businesses are “going green”—operating in a way that’s better for the environment. Going green not only benefits the planet, it can also be good for business; many people prefer to do business with environmentally-conscious comp… Read More

Challenges for Businesses With Ecommerce Sales Tax

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when, if you wanted to buy something, you had to leave your home and go to a store (or order it from a catalog and wait weeks for it to arrive). But for the last few decades, and especially the last few ye… Read More

How Does Temporarily Closing a Business Affect Taxes?

If you own a business, you know that any interruption of your operation affects your revenue. But how does temporarily closing a business affect taxes? A closure for a day or so, such as for a brief illness or power outage, might not have much of an… Read More

Employers’ Guide to Payroll Tax

When people think of starting a business, they typically look forward to creating and selling a useful product, providing a needed service, interacting with customers or clients, and creating jobs in their community. No one daydreams about sitting at… Read More

Organization and Preparation Of Business Taxes and Filing Services

For many business owners and organization leaders, tax preparation and filing is a necessary, but often dreaded, chore. Depending on the complexity of tax issues, filing and preparation can even distract from the operation of the business or organiza… Read More

Mid-Year Business Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning is a critical part of maintaining the financial health of a business. By taking advantage of available business tax write-offs, you can minimize your company’s tax burden and potentially save thousands of dollars. Most small business o… Read More

How to File Ohio Sales Tax

If you are a vendor of most goods and many services who has physical or economic nexus in Ohio, you are required to collect and file sales tax. What exactly does it mean to have “nexus” in a state? Physical nexus means that you have enough of a p… Read More

Can I Deduct Home Office Expenses? 

For over two years now, many more people have been working from home than prior to the pandemic. And while some places of business have opened back up, there are still many people who are working remotely. Some are self-employed, some are independent… Read More

Best Practices to Avoid Committing Tax Fraud

You probably consider yourself a good citizen and an honest person. You would never steal or intentionally cheat anyone, and, of course, you file and pay your taxes on time every year. You certainly don’t think of yourself as the type of person who… Read More

Why Ohio Farmers Should Consider an S Corp Election

A family farm is many things: a labor of love, a legacy from one generation to the next, a source of income and purpose. But it is also a business, and as such, it needs a business structure. Many farmers choose to organize their farm as a limited li… Read More