Bookkeeping Services Dayton, OH

Accurate and Comprehensive Small Business Bookkeeping

Professional bookkeeping services allow to you focus on your business and its growth. For a small business, accurate record-keeping is foundational for business success. If the financial books are incomplete or inaccurate, a business ­­­lacks the information it needs to analyze where it stands financially and to plan for how it should move forward in the future.

Business owners essentially have three choices where bookkeeping is concerned. They can keep their books themselves, manually or with bookkeeping software; hire a dedicated employee to handle bookkeeping and accounting in-house; or outsource these functions to an experienced professional.

The first option is often inefficient; most business owners can more profitably devote their time and energy to advancing their business interests than to record-keeping. The second option can be unreasonably costly, especially for a small business. Outsourcing, however, offers the best of both worlds without the disadvantages: bookkeeping work is done by knowledgeable professionals who work efficiently, performing only the needed services at a reasonable cost.

The accounting professionals at Gudorf Tax Group have long-standing relationships with many of our business bookkeeping clients. We consider ourselves partners in the success of our clients’ businesses. We handle as much of their bookkeeping as they need us to, so they can direct their resources where they’re most needed: the growth of their businesses.

Our professionals have been working with businesses in the Dayton community for over thirty years. As a small business ourselves, we understand our clients’ concerns, and we conserve their resources as carefully as we do our own.

Bookkeeping Services Dayton, OH

Gudorf Tax Group, LLC can manage all bookkeeping functions of a business, including input of disbursements and receipts and generation of financial statements. For clients who prefer to handle some aspects of their own bookkeeping, we can assist them in setting up their own bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks, so that they derive maximum benefit from it. However, many clients find that, even with bookkeeping software and online tools, if they lack background in bookkeeping and accounting, it’s still more efficient for them to entrust their bookkeeping to us.

Not only do we offer the benefit of thirty years’ bookkeeping experience, we also believe in offering personalized attention and service to meet our clients’ particular needs; we offer exactly the services our clients require, without charging them for services they don’t. We invite you to contact us at (937) 890-8604 to learn how we can help your business. We look forward to working with you!