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Tax Benefits of Conservation Easements: Preserving Land and Wealth

Land is a finite resource. With every passing year, it seems, more and more commercial buildings and residential developments spring up in what was formerly green space. While many people lament these changes, it is difficult to blame landowners for… Read More

Preparing for Estate and Gift Tax Return Deadlines

This time of year, income taxes are on everyone’s minds, but there may be other tax returns that you need to think about filing. In particular, you may need to file a gift tax return or an estate tax return. Learn what triggers the need to file the… Read More

Do I Have to File Taxes if I Don’t Owe?

If you’re like most people, you would probably prefer almost any activity to sitting down and preparing a tax return. Of course, if you expect to owe, you know you need to file taxes. And if you’re expecting a refund, the only way to get it is to… Read More

2023 Tax Deadlines for Filing 2022 Taxes

If you are a calendar-year tax filer, as most people are, you already know that your personal income tax return for tax year 2022 is (usually) due on April 15, 2023. But there are many other tax deadlines of which you may need to be aware, depending… Read More

Failure to File a Tax Return

For many people, preparing and filing tax returns is a dreaded chore—especially if there’s a tax bill at the end of it. We may fantasize about chucking all of our receipts and forms in the wastepaper basket, and just forgetting the whole thing. W… Read More

Mid-Year Business Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning is a critical part of maintaining the financial health of a business. By taking advantage of available business tax write-offs, you can minimize your company’s tax burden and potentially save thousands of dollars. Most small business o… Read More

How to File Ohio Sales Tax

If you are a vendor of most goods and many services who has physical or economic nexus in Ohio, you are required to collect and file sales tax. What exactly does it mean to have “nexus” in a state? Physical nexus means that you have enough of a p… Read More

11 Common Tax Write-Offs

Tax laws exist to accomplish two things: create revenue for the government, and motivate behavior. Everyone understands the revenue generation part, especially when they are writing a check to pay their taxes. But we often don’t think about how tax… Read More

Ohio State Income Tax Credits

Few people actually enjoy filing their income tax return, especially if they think they might have to write a check to the IRS or the state of Ohio. A professional tax preparation service can make the process of filing your taxes much less stressful.… Read More

Should I Have a Tax Professional Review My Tax Return?

In a little under a month, most of us will have filed our 2021 state and federal income tax returns. Perhaps you are the kind of person who likes to prepare and file your taxes to get it over with (and maybe get a refund sooner). Or maybe, like many… Read More